среда, 4 апреля 2012 г.

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards..new trends

Reading the news came across an interesting article about a recent event - Kids Choice Awards ... of course many wonder: "who won the most?"," who dressed better?", "who of the stars attended the event?".... I drew attention to the attire of some stars (Ketty Perry and Selena Gomez) .. . short tops are back in fashion ??? they are very interesting, maybe it's a new "t-shirt" - the new trend of the summer season .... wait and see, time will tell)
Selena Gomez dressed in pastel colors outfit...

Katy Perry at neon green outfit!

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  1. They both look so nice, I love this style but I think you need a certain figure to suit it xx

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  4. I love the crop top with the throw back skirt, i got inspired by this look two weeks ago and headed straight to American Apparel for a similar look but more relaxed in colors! I must post it...http://www.shopwithkarenblogspot.com/