пятница, 25 января 2013 г.

...colors for today - sapphire...

Hello dear readers)
much time has passed, there it was again decided to publish the beautiful, colorful, interesting pictures)
They help to tune in to a new day...
Here is my compilation for today...


Gin "Bombay Sapphire":

DIOR s/s 2013 MakeUp:

Elie Saab s/s 2013 dress & bag:

real sapphire ^_^

P.S. All photos - Google search)

воскресенье, 20 января 2013 г.

a-la russ...

recently took a couple of snapshots in a mink hat...
the image for a photo shoot was inspired by watching the new movie "Anna Karenina" with Keira Knightleyy... it was very interesting...do not judge strictly))

 "Anna Karenina" 2012 

and Me ^_^

вторник, 15 января 2013 г.

UHUHUHU!!!! I made IT!!!

Today finally I passed all my exams)))) all - only on 5!!! I can present you some of my work)) now, until the summer,  I am engaged in development of its collection...then - defending of diploma :)

panoramic view:

  costumes for walks:

  costumes for cocktail:

p.s. tasks for the expression of emotions, various plastic poses, performances, etc.