понедельник, 9 апреля 2012 г.

blood day))

Today I became a blood donor) Good luck to the person, to whom it will get))) good luck my blood - A(II) Rh+!  I hope, that I can help to someone....become a donor - it is not painful and not scary!
P.S. ....now  I recovering:  drinking pomegranate juice, eat an apple)))
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  1. I am a blood donor also, have donated twice and had to cancel my last because of my tattoo! I HATE doing it but to be honest, me being nervous and mardy for 10 minutes might save a life, so it's so worthwhile! well done for becoming a donor! xoxo

    1. I donated the blood for the first time, hope that I donate blood again .... thanks for the comm))) we well done!^_^

  2. that's awesome! you do a really important thing! I wish i could be blood donor as well (I'm too small to do that, I'm about 10 kg away)

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